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Oak Creek Challenge 2019


After a tough weekend in the rain and wind, Pandamonium dropped some tough games against Princeton, Navy, and our rivals UMBC before earning a hard-fought win against American 11-7. We definitely have room to grow, but our team learned a lot and we can’t wait to head back to Virginia Beach for Atlantic Coast Open one month from now.

Results for Atlantic Coast Open

Towson USAU Roster


New Year- New Peeps

Its a new era in Towson history, and X’s reign is over

Our new 2019 officers are:

President- Daniel Feuerberg

Vice President- Luca Artista

Treasurer- Logan Call

Secretary- Elias Warren-Mohr

Towson Ultimate’s new coaching staff:

Joe “Tree” DiPaula (Pandamonium)

Jeff Hoch (Pandamonium)

Kara Schulden (Bamboozle)

Alex Wright (Bamboozle)

Doug “PhD” Trach (Bamboozle)

The Pandamonium captains for the 2019 season are

Kevin Versteeg

Xavier Stewart

Zack Greaver

The Bamboozle captains for the 2019 season are

Owen Berkery

Cameron Evans


Spring 2019 Schedule

You can find us at these tournaments this spring season!


Oak Creek Challenge (Virginia Beach, VA) 2/23-2/24

Atlantic Coast Open (Virginia Beach, VA) 3/30-3/31

Colonial DI Sectional Championships (North East, MD) 4/13-4/14

Atlantic Coast DI Regional Championships (TBD) TBD



Georgetown Invite (Bowie, MD) 3/16-3/17

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Panda Invitational (Towson, MD) 3/23-3/24

Colonial Dev Sectional Championships (North East, MD) 4/13-4/14

Atlantic Coast Dev Regional Championships (Glen Allen, VA) TBD