Known as Pandamonium, Towson University’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team is, at its core, a group of guys who get together to practice and compete in the sport they love.

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport where two teams play against each other to reach a determined point value before the other team to obtain a win. Each team fields 7 players at a time. The objective of both teams is to traverse the field and score in the other teams end-zone. This means that, on any given point, a team may have to play offense and defense. Ultimate Frisbee is an internationally played sport at various levels of competition.

At Towson University, Pandamonium plays college level ultimate against many other college teams. Our club practices on average two times a week so that we may be prepared to play against other teams in around 3 to 4 tournaments a semester. While we work hard to play ultimate well, that isn’t the only incentive to ultimate.

The community of Ultimate Frisbee is robust wherever you may find it. Players at all levels seek to get better, help others get better, and to make new friends along the way. Pandamonium seeks to emulate this culture to where we couple working hard on the field with being good friends with each other off.

Here at Towson, we’re not just a club, we’re friends… best friends.